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"I'm Zlatan! Who the hell are you?"

Zlatan Egohimovic, or just Zlatan, is a player of Zweden and Milan

Character Edit

He considers himself as a god and has a lot of powers, such as levitating stuff and making thunderbolts hit someone. He also is pretty strong.

Just like his real life counterpart, he is a very nice player and won many National League trophies.

He has a big nose but doesn't like when someone mocks him for that. He also doesn't like when someone calls him gay.

Career Edit

2014/15 season Edit

Champions League 2014/15 Edit

He debuted in the opening song of Champions League 2014/15 in a match against Chelsea. David Louise tried to cheat by moving the referee's spray mark so Zlatan could take a better free-kick, but he found out that wasn't the referee's spray.

In the second leg he and his team transformed into Zlatan and the Masters of the Europverse's characters. Zlatan broke Oscar, so he was expulsed. He later appeared to tell the moral of the story: that you can overcome life's injustices and racist people (te Chelsea fans in Paris that didn't let a blck man get into a subway) get what they deserve. Schlong Terry asked if he wanted to see his "Snake Mountain" but Zlatan declined.

He had an interview after PSZ lost to Barcelona. He cursed the Champions League and said thet it din't deserve his club. Pep came and said that PSZ thought that they bought a Ferrari when they signed Zlatan, but they have actually bought a FIAT (Foul-mouthed, Ineffective, Arrogant, Tosh pot).

2015/16 season Edit

Champions League 2015/16 Edit

He assisted Cavani in a match against FFS Malmo. He appeared with di Maria in the moral section, but he wasn't sure if di Maria understood the moral of working with his enemies.

He appeared in the moral section after the match against Ronal Madrid, saying that his goalkeeper was bad because he failed to defend.

He scored against Chelsea FC and Manchester Sheikhy.

Euro 2016 Edit

He was in Euro's squad for his country but he didn't appear too much.

2016/17 season Edit

Premier League 2016/17 Edit

He moved to Moneychester United and helped them win the Care in the Community Shield.

He scored against Liverinthepastpool, saving Pogba's career because Pogba conceded a penalty and failed to score.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Zlatan can work his magic on anyone, execpt by Messi, as he's also a magician he revealed that he is resisted to Zlatan's force
  • The only way Zlatan can hurt Messi is by fists.
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