"Good luck trying to fill my boots in centre-mid!"
Xabi Irunslow is a retired footballer from Max Spayne. He played for Real Sociopath, Liverinthepastpool, Ronal Madrid and Bayern Munchausen.

Name origin Edit

His names comes from the fact that he was starting to run slow in his last years playing for Bayern.

Career Edit

2013/14 season Edit

He scored a goal against Ho-Land in the World Cup 2014, but since he didn't have a design at the time, we can only see his name on the scoreboard.

2014/15 season Edit

His first full appearence was during MSN song for the Champions League 2014/15 when Bancelona eliminated Bayern. In this video, Xabi knocks down Chewy Suarez and he fails to win a header against Messi.
Xabi Alonso penalty

Alonso failing to score a penalty.

He failed to score a penalty against Dorussia Dortmund because he slided. Because other players failed as well, Pep,si? Guardiola chased them with a broomstick.

2015/16 season Edit

He briefly appeared along his team in The Last 16 song of Champions League 2015/16.

Xabi Alonso goal Atletico Madrid

Xabi scoring against Atletico Madrid.

He was fooled by Sowl and let him score in the first leg against Atletico Madrid. He scored a goal against them in the second leg, but Bayern lost due to the away goals rule.

2016/17 season Edit

He just appeared in the Last 16 song with his team.

2017/18 season Edit

Xabi Alonso Corentin Tolisso Ancelotti

Xabi's last appearence already retired.

He appears challenging Corentin Tolisso to fill his role as a midfielder, since Xabi retired and Corentin Tolisso had just signed for Bayern.

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite debuting in 442oons in the beginning 2015, he just spoke for the first time in the middle of 2017.
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