“I’m a football wizard owl genius!”

Woy Bodgson is the manager of Cwystal Palace. He formerly managed Swatcherland, Inter Mulan, Bland Rovers, FC Cohaagen, Foolham FC, Liverinthepastpool, West Brom Carrier Baggies and Engbland.

Character Edit

Woy Bodgson has the body and beak of an owl. He can fly, and instead of standing, he usually floats up and down in the air. He says a “w” sound instead of an “r” sound, as in “treat” sounds like “tweet”. He says the word “two” as “twit-twoo”, onomatopoeia for an owl hooting. He also says “Twitter” as “Twit-twoo Twitter”.

His owl skin can be seen on top of his suit.

Name origin Edit

Woy Bodgson is a pun on Roy because he uses a w sound instead of an r sound when he speaks.

Trivia Edit

Woy Bodgson, Wayne The Ogre, Hurri-Kane, Louis Van Harsh, and Angel Di Maria are several 442oons characters who have a speech problem.

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