Urucry is a parody of the Uruguay national football team. It appeared in World Cup 2014, Cuppa America 2015 and World Cup 2018.

Names Edit

In 442oons, the country’s first name was U-r-a-g-u-y. For the World Cup 2014, the name was changed to Urucry. Recently, it changed its name to Chewaguay after player Chewy Suarez.

Badge Edit

Its badge is the Uruguayan flag, but with the head of Chewy Suarez in place of the sun.

Players Edit

Player Position Club
Fernando Muslera Goalkeeper Goaltosaray
Diego Godin Defender Atletico Madrid
Himenez Defender Atletico Madrid
Maxi Pereira Defender FC Porthole
Skeletor Cavani Forward Paris Saint-Germoney
Chewy Suarez Forward Barcelona
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