Tottenham Hotform is a club of Engbland that plays in the Premier League.

Name Edit

Tottenham Hotform is because of the club's great performances in nowadays matches.

Tottenham Hutzpah is a Jewish word. Tottenham have a lot of Jewish fans.

Badge Edit

Their badge features their mascot: a cockerel with Hurri-Kane’s head balancing on a small ball.

Players Edit

NUM Pos. Player name Nationality
1 GK Hugoalkeeper Lloris (C) Les Blose
2 DF Kieran Road-Trippier Engbland
3 DF Dany Payrise-Rose Engbland
4 DF Toby Elder-Squirrel Brillgium
5 DF SuperJan Vertonghen Brillgium
7 FW Takeabow Son South Korean Army
8 MF Harry Wanks Engbland
10 FW Hurri-Kane Engbland
11 MF Erik Lamela Handballgentina
12 MF Silly Boy, Victor Wanyama Kenya
13 GK Michelle Vroom Ho-land
15 MF Eric Dire Engbland
19 MF Moussa Datbale Les Blose
20 FW Dele Alli Engbland
23 W Steven Beaver Netherlands
24 DF Serge Orko-rier Ivory Coats
27 FW Lucas Moron Badzill

Former players Edit

NUM Pos. Player name Nationality Period
1 GK Gomess Badzill WTFord
2 DF Skyle Walker Engbland Manchester Sheikhy
11 FW Gareth Bale Bales Real Madrid
19 MF Lucroat Modric Crow-atia Real Madrid
22 MF NASA Chadli Brillgium West Brom Carrier Baggies
25 DF Josh O-Nomah Engbland Astonishingly Bad Villa
27 DF Headin Vimmer Arnia Stoke Wet and Windy
34 FW Emmanuel Lazybayor Togo Cwystal Palace
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