“I'm such a comedian!”

Thomas Muller is a player of FC Bayern Munchausen and Germazing.

Character Edit

Thomas Muller is one of his country’s best players. He is skinny. He has a very good sense of humour, and often tells jokes. He also likes to laugh after every joke he tells. He often tells jokes about Germazing’s 7-1 victory over Badzill in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi final. He also likes to troll former FC Bayern Munchausen teammate (who plays for Badzill) Dante, after Bayern’s 5-1 win over Wolfsburger in September 2015. He also likes to troll Peperedcarde who nearly gave Thomoas Müller “brain damage” in the game against Ronaldugal in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In that same game, Muller scored a hat-trick.

Name origin Edit

His name is a combination of Thomas Muller and the word as, which means that some people think he is stupid.

Appearances Edit

World Cup 2014 Edit

Thomas Muller’s first appearance in 442oons was in the World Cup 2014. In Germazing’s opening game against Ronaldugal, Peperedcarde trolled Muller, and then headbutted him. In the quarter final against Les Blose, he sang a song to the Les Blose team who were eliminated by Germazing. In the semi final against Badzill, Germazing thrashed them 7-1, and Thomas Muller held a funeral for the Badzill team. In the final against Handballgentina, he celebrated as Mario Goatze scored a last minute goal, which made Germazing win the 2014 World Cup.

Trivia Edit

442oons shared the “Bayern Mambo No 5-1” to the real Thomas Muller, and he replied “What have they done to me? Insolence! I can sing much better in real life!”

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