"I came like a Wrecking Ball. I am the strongest player in the world."

The O-beast is a footballer from Engbland. He formerly played at It'saswan,see? FC and The Crazy Gang. He is also known as The Beast (or The Obese by Stevie Wellard).

Character Edit

His body is shaped like a wrecking ball and he is lifted by chains. He is the strongest player in the world and he is heavy, being able to smash Can. However, he can't jump high.

Career Edit

2014/15 season Edit

We-Know-Sweet-FA Cup 2014/15 Edit

He scored against LOLerpool. He aslo smashed Can and knocked off Skorcel and Mingingsave. However, he failed to defend Gerrard's freekick, so his team lost the match.

Mingingsave later was swinging in him while singing.

2016/17 season Edit

He was reacting to his FIFARCE 17 rating when his chain went down, making him crash in the ground.

Gallery Edit

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