Stevie Wellard, also known as Slippy G,is a retired footballer from Engbland and the current manager of Power Rangers. He played most part of his career in Lolerpool and spent his last season as a footballer in LA Galaxy.

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He is constantly slipping, a reference to a slip that happened in a match against Chelsea FC in 2014, and costed Liverpool's title that season. Ironically, Gerrard said a few days before that the title wouldn't slip that time.

He never won a League title and is sad for that. But he is compensated because he won a Champions League and he likes to remember that.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the characters with the most different redesigns.
    • His redesign was also the one that took the most time to be done since his debut.
    • He is also the character that appeared the least amount of time with his redesign, appearing just 2 times with it.
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