"This match will be harder than trying to figure out who Cristiano Junior's mom is."

Skeletor Cavani is a player of Urucry and Paris Saint-Germoney.

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He used to be a parody of Skeletor of the HeMan series. In that form, he constantly insulted his teammates and always thought that Zlatan was his enemy, despite both playing at the same club.

After the end of the HeMan series, he had a more realistic design. In the current form, he speaks in an American accent, and he argues with Notaxmar about who should do domething, such as taking pens. He also fails to rhyme and says nonsense, what makes Notaxmar angry with him.

He is part of the MCN trio.

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  • Despite not appearing as Skeletor anymore, his parody name is still Skeletor Cavani.
  • He appearing as Skeletor might be because he and Zlatan (HeMan) were "rivals" since both are forwards and then rivals to see who scores more goals.
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