A running gag, or running joke, is an amusing joke or a comical reference that appears repeatedly throughout 442oons videos. Most running gags are based in real ocurrences. To be considered a running gag, the joke must have appeared in at least two different videos.

Here's a list of running gags by character.

Adam the Llama Edit

  • He spitting his saliva.
  • He being ridden by someone.

Alan Buttew Edit

  • He headbutting someone.
  • He making his celebration dance.

Angel Di Maria Edit

  • He stammering.

Antoine 4-Gzmann Edit

  • He using his hands as mobile phones.
  • He making his celebration dance.
  • He doing a dance from the video game Fortnite.

Arsey Whinger Edit

  • He kicking a water bottle.
  • He having trouble with his zipper.
  • He saying "Sacre bleu!".
  • He saying "Damn you all!".
  • He deciding to not leave Arsenal.

Chewy Suarez Edit

  • He biting other characters.
  • He saying "That was dreadful!".
  • He saying "Shag a donkey!".
  • He saying "I'm a genius!".
  • He says any prefix that rhymes with chew as chew.
  • Suarez singing the next verse of "Sacked in the morning" for managers with MSN and then saying "Are we not going to sing the 2nd verse tonight?".

Cristiano Euronaldo Edit

  • He taking off his shirt (becoming topless) and screaming "Suuuuuuuuuuuuu".
  • He just screaming "Suuuuuuuuuuuu!”
  • He showing other players how to make a celebration.
  • He wanting the other players to pass to him.
  • He being selfish/arrogant and saying that only he is part of the team.
  • Saying "Hoo hoo” to someone who failed.
  • He mentioning that his statues and saying that they look just like him (despite they obviously looking nothing like him).
  • He Laughs "Ha Ha!"

David Louise Edit

  • He saying that his hair is nice.
    • He also says the same thing about other hairs, such as Willian's.
  • He being bad at defending and other characters confirming it.

Diego Costly Coffee Edit

  • He punching people.
  • He laughing.
  • He shouting “F*ck you!”

Divhead Moyes Edit

  • He saying “Ya b*stard!”
  • He asking “Is that how you say it?”

Ed Woodwood Edit

  • He saying “I’m Ed Woodward, I get deals done!”

Eddie Howe Edit

  • He laughing.

Eva Carneiro Edit

  • She always be seen near mourinho during her time at Chelsea.
  • She staying tied up with Chelsea team.

Garry Bale Edit

  • He making monkey chants.

Hairtransplantonio Conte Edit

  • He saying “Err...” before sentences.

Harry Redknee Edit

  • He saying “Cor, fantastic.”

Hurri-Kane Edit

  • He spitting saliva when speaking.

Hwan Mata Edit

  • He saying “F*ck you!”

Iker Can’tseeapass Edit

  • He asking “Who do I pass to?”

Jose Moaninho Edit

  • He saying that the referees have a campaign against him.
  • He searching for a excuse in his own Excuse Book.
  • He blaming someone else for things that are his fault.
  • His strategy of parking the bus and declining changing it.
  • He insulting Shaw and wanting him out of the team.
    • He did a similar thing with Schweine before the latter left.
  • He cursing Eva.
  • Saying “Heh heh”
  • Annoying Arsey Whinger.

Lionel Messigician Edit

  • He saying “Oh, he’s such a douchebag!”
  • He performing magic tricks.

Louis Van Harsh Edit

  • He using the “Sh” sound instead of the S sound when he speaks.

Mauricio Pochettino Edit

  • He saying “Err...” before sentences.

Maurizio Sarri Edit

  • He coughing.

Mercedes Benzema Edit

  • He saying “Is there a problem here?”

MSN trio Edit

  • MSN trio singing “Sacked in the morning” for managers with bad perfomances.
  • MSN trio diving after being hit by water bottles.
  • MSN trio trying to convice Coutinho to play at Barcelona.

Mustafa Cacki Edit

  • He running slow.

Neil Warnock Edit

  • He saying “F*ck off!”

Notaxmar Edit

  • He diving.
  • He getting in trouble because of the taxes.
  • He mentioning giving an orgy to his dad.
  • He show-boating his skills.
  • He arguing with Cavani who should take pens or do something else.
  • He scolding Cavani for saying something stupid.
  • He crying.
  • He screaming “Ow!” when he gets hurt.
  • He shouting “VAR!”

Olivier GQ Edit

  • He running really slow.
  • He showing his sexyness and saying how sexy he is.
  • He grunting and showing off his muscles.

Per Merthetractor Edit

  • He running slow.

Petr the Czech Edit

  • He saying “Hot dog!”

Phace Jones Edit

  • He making a weird face and saying "Murgh!".
    • His face scaring other people.

Rafact Beneatez Edit

  • He saying “Ah!” before every sentence.
  • He saying facts.
  • He saying his catchphrase “And that’s a fact!”
  • He saying “Fact” at the end of sentences.

Raheem Sterling Edit

  • He sleeping during Engbland's matches.
  • He wanting money.
  • He feeling high on drugs.

Roy Meane Edit

  • He saying “Feck”.

RTAro Vidal Edit

  • He getting drunk and hitting something or someone with his Ferrari.
    • Sometimes he says "Get off the road, you morons!”

Schlong Terry Edit

  • He sleeping or flirting with footballer's wives.
  • He asking if other managers need a new centre-back.

Skeletor Cavani Edit

  • He failing to rhyme.
  • He arguing with Notaxmar who should take pens or do something else.
  • He saying nonsense and being scolded by Notaxmar.

Stevie Wellard Edit

  • He slipping.
  • He saying “Erm...” before sentences.

Thomasshole Müller Edit

  • He telling jokes.
  • He laughing loudly.
  • He saying “Oh scheisse.”
  • He saying “I’m such a comedian!”

The old lady Edit

  • She asking a player to hold her bag and then score a goal.

Tryiton Giggsy Edit

  • He trying to mention WAGs.

Unai Emery Edit

  • He saying “Good ebening.”

Unwell Paleandgreeni Edit

  • Parts of his body falling off.

Wayne the Ogre Edit

  • He saying “Erm...” before sentences.
  • He misspelling words.

Wölfi Edit

  • He howling.

Woy Bodgson Edit

  • He using the W sound instead of an R when he speaks.
  • He saying “twit-twoo” instead of “two”.
  • He defacating in front of someone.

Yaya Tankoure Edit

  • He asking for a cake.
  • He saying “Ah! I do not believe it!”

Yougurn Klopp Edit

  • He trying to keep Coutinho at Liverpool at all cost.
  • He saying "Boom!".
  • He laughing after he says “Boom!”.

Zlatan Egohimovic Edit

  • He saying “I’m Zlatan. Who the hell are you?”
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