Ronventus is a club from Greataly that plays in Serie A TIM.

Name origin Edit

Until 2019, the club was called Old Lady. It is one of the club’s greatest nicknames of history.

The club is now called Ronventus, a reference to Cristiano Arrogantaldo But He is not that arrogant now Also RAHIM AND MURAD ARE THE BEST DUO IN HISTORY OF ZOMBS ROYALE AND FORTNITE

Squad Edit

No. Pos. Player name Nationality
1 GK Wojciech Toomanyzedzney Po-land
2 DF Mattia De Squilo Greataly
3 DF Giorgio Chiellinguine Greataly
4 DF Matiass De Ligt Netherlands
5 MF Miralem Peeanitch Bosniaoffside
6 MF DJ Khaledira Germazing
7 FW Cristiano Arrogantaldo Ronaldugal
10 FW Paulo Dyballer Handballgentina
11 FW Thebetterlooking Costa Badzill
12 DF Ale Jandro Badzill
14 MF Cheryl Macheryltuidi Les Blose
16 FW Pileofjuan Cuadrado Collapsebia
19 DF Notmorejudasardo Bosnakci Greataly
21 GK Carlo Pinsogilo Greataly
24 DF Daniele Rugaknightwhosayni  Greataly
30 MF Rodrigo Bentencur Urucry
33 FW Fedezerico Burnadeski Greataly

Former Players Edit

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