The Premier League 19/20 Season is the 19/20 season for the english top flight.

Place Club Points Etc.
1st- Leavethepool 99 UCL
2nd- Man Shieky 81 UCL
3rd- Money United 66 UCL
4th- Chelsea Kids 66 UCL
5th- Lester 62 UEL
6th- DIY Army 59 UEL
7th- Wolves 59
8th- Arsenal Fan TV 56
9th- Sean Beam United 54
10th- BRRRRRnley 54
11th- Scousehampton 52
12th- Everon 49
13th- Newcastle Disunited 44
14th- Crystal Pulis 43
15th- Brighton 41
16th- West Shambles 39
17th Jackston Villa 35
18th- Jason Bournemouth (R) 34 Relegation to ELFC
19th- WTFord (R) 34 Relegation to EFLC
20th- Notrich (R) 21 Relegation to EFLC
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