Premier League 2013/14 is the first Premier League season to be featured in 442oons.

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Pos. Club Points
1 Manchester Sheiky 86
2 LOLerpool 84
3 Chelski 82
4 Arsene'll Not Spend FC 79
5 Everon 72
6 Spurs 69
7 Man Ure 64
8 Saintshampton 56
9 Stoke Rainy 50
10 Newcastle Disunited 49
11 Crystal Pulis 45
12 It'saswan,see? FC 42
13 West Hammers 40
14 Sunlessland 38
15 Astonishingly Bad Villa 38
16 Hull Pussies 37
17 West Brom Carrier Baggies 36
18 Can'taries (R) 33
19 Foolham FC (R) 32
20 Cardivs FC (R) 30

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  • Everon, Cardivs, Foolham, It'saswan,see? FC, Notrich Saintshampton, Stoke Rainy, West Brom and West Hammers weren't mentioned during this season.
    • Everon can be spotted in the league table. However, that league table is in real life and therefore doesn't show the parody names of the clubs.
    • Notrich, Foolham and Cardivs were just mentioned in the beginning of the following season.
    • Depsite making one appearence, Newscastle's parody name is not mentioned.
  • That is the Premier League season with fewer videos, with just 20.
    • Justified, because it was 442oons' first Premier League season to be animated.

References Edit

  1. 🐳GARETH BALE AS BATMAN🐳 by 442oons (Real Madrid football cartoon) - Bale appeared with Tottenham's shirt.
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