Premier League trophy

Premier League's trophy.

The Premier League is the national and main league in Engbland. It's formely known as We-Know-Sweet-FA EPL.

It currently has 19 clubs from Engbland and 1 club from Bales.

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Current clubs Edit

  • adamo teamarsene fc

Former clubs Edit

Champions Edit

Season Club Manager Points
2013/14 Manchester Sheikhy Unwell Paleandgreeni 86
2014/15 Chelsea FC Jose Moaninho 87
2015/16 Leicester the Foxes Claudio Ranieri 81
2016/17 Chelsea FC Antagonise Conte 93
2017/18 Manchester Sheikhy Pep,si? Guardiola 100
2018/19 Manchester Sheikhy Pep,si? Guardiola 98
2019/20 Liverpoo Yougurn Klopp 99
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