Paris Saint-Qatar is a club of Les Blose.

Name Edit

Paris Saint-Germoney was their real name but with money at the end because they spent a lot of money in players, such as Notaxmar (who became the most expensive player ever) in the 2017/18 season.

Their current name is a reference to the Qatari owners.

Badge Edit

The first badge featured Zlatan Egohimovic.

There is an € (Euro) sign on the badge, because they spend a lot of money for Notaxmar (currently the most expensive footballer ever) and in other players, such as Kylian Mmpbop.

In 2019, it was replaced with a Q for Qatar.

Players Edit

No. Pos. Player name Nationality
1 GK Gigi Bouffant Greataly
2 DF Thiowngoal Silva(C) Badzill
3 DF Presnel Kimkardashian Les Blose
4 DF Thillo Kehrer Germazing
5 DF Marquindoh Badzill
6 MF Marco Verryatty Greataly
7 RW Kylian Mmmbop Les Blose
9 FW Skeletor Cavani Urucry
10 LW Notaxmar Badzill
11 MF Angel Di Maria Handballgentina
12 DF Thomas Moonier Brillgium
13 DF Danny Alfez Badzill
25 MF She-Rabiot Les Blose
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