"Now let‘s pretend I'm Weller and you two used to be in-sidemen!"

Notaxmar is a player of Badzill and Paris Saint-Germoney. He formerly played at Barcelona.

Character Edit

He is one of the best players of his country and the world. He frequently dives and acts. He also enjoys changing his hairstyles. He has great skills and he likes to show them off. Notaxmar speaks in a very high pitched voice.

He avoids paying his taxes and his dad's. He usually chooses the side where he gets more money.

He is stubborn and doesn’t hesitate to defend his chance to do things, as shown when he and Cavani fought to see who would take the penalty. Speaking of penalties, despite being good at them, he makes a long run before kicking the ball so he takes a lot of time to shoot a penalty and his teammates complain.

Name origin Edit

His name is a combination of Neymar with no and tax, a reference to the fact that he avoided paying his taxes and his dad's.

His other name Neydivar is a pun of Neymar with dive due to his diving habits during matches.

Lamemar was nickname that Euronaldo and Thomasshole Muller put on him. It's a combination of lame and Neymar.

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  • Whenever Notaxmar is sad when he compares his life on PSG vs his life on Barca, he can suddenly speak French (only when he is drunk).
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