Nemanja Matić is Serbian footballer who plays for Moneychester United in Egbland (EPL).

Character Edit

We don't know a lot about Nemanja Matić because his events in 442oons are rarely.

He's pretty tall, he has short brown hair, small blue eyes and cramped mouth.

Career Edit

2016/17 Edit

He appeared in video 4-0! THE BUS IS BACK IN TOWN! when Chelsea beat Moneychester United 4-0.

In episode DELE ALLI SCORES TWO! Smooth Criminal ... TOTTENHAM vs CHELSEA 2-0. He kicked Adele Alli in same video.

In CHELSEA 1-0 MAN UTD - FA CUP FeetFigher 2! he just showed back from other footballers.

He was part of Chelsea winning campaign, so he was on winning bus in Who won the league? Chelsea! Chelsea!

He cried on the bench when Chelsea FC lost against Arsen FC in the FA Cup final (Arsenal win the FA Cup video).

2017/18 Edit

Matić laughed on Cahill's red card in the 442oons of the day.

He was part of Moneychester United's squad in UOAFA Champions League 2017/18.

Moaninho gave him an Easter present cause he was very good on a pitch.

2018/19 Edit

Follow his instagram account: @nemanjamatic_442oons

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