Man20times United is a club of Engbland that plays in the Premier League.

Name origin Edit

The club’s first name was Man Ure, a pun on the shortened version of the real club’s name, Man U.

The club’s second name was Manseventher United, because the club finished 7th in the 2013-14 season under Divhead Moyes.

The club‘s third name was Manchesthair United, which is a reference to Tryiton Giggs, who was assistant manager in the 2015-16 season.

The club’s longest name was Moneychester United, due to the fact that they spend a lot of money buying highly skilled players such as Poor Pogba, Romelu Stormzy, and Dirty Sanchez. They also pay their players high wages.

Between August and December 2018, the club was briefly called Mouchester United, when the club was managed by Jose Moaninho.

Moneychester Re- United was the new name when Ole Gunnar Solksjaer took over as caretaker manager of the club.

When Zlatan Egohimovic for the club, the club was also called Zlatanchester United.

Now, the club is called Man, We’re Shite, Ed, because they are rubbish.

There called Man20times United because they won twenty titles

Badge Edit

The club’s first badge was Sir Alex Ferguson was holding 66 trophy’s in front of slippey gerald

The second badge made him look more like a devil.

The third badge featured Tryiton Giggs.

The fourth featured a pound sign (£). It was later used for Moneychester Re-United. An alternative version featured Zlatan Egohimovic’s head.

The fifth badge has manager Jose Moaninho dressed up as a devil.

The current badge features Ole Gunnar Solksjaer as Gollum from Lord Of The Rings.

Players Edit

NUM Pos. Player name Nationality
1 GK David the best Max Spayne
3 DF King Eric Bailly Ivory Coats
4 DF Phace Jones Engbland
5 DF Slabhead Maguire Engbland
6 MF Poor Pogba Les Blose
7 FW Dirty Sánchez Chilly
8 MF Hwan Mata Max Spayne
FW Romelu potato / sold Brillgium
9 FW Arthierry Martial Les Blose
12 DF Chris Talling Engbland
14 MF Jessie Lingard Engbland
17 MF Fred Badzill
18 MF Ghastly Tongue Engbland
10 FW Macunian Rashford Engbland
20 GK Sergio Romero Handballgentina
21 MF Danni Red James Bales
23 DF Luke Shalways Injured Engbland
25 DF Affairio Valencia(C) Equadoh
27 MF Marouanne Failaini Brillgium
31 MF Nemanja Matić Serbia
26 FW Mason Pinkwood Engbland
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