Manchester Sheiky is a club of Engbland that plays in the Premier League.

Name Edit

The club's name is the name of its Arabic owner Sheikh Mansour. This is because the club became richer and more powerful after Sheikh became an owner.

Badge Edit

The badge of the club features a pirate ship being piloted by David Silva, a reference to John Silver (a pirate). Just below, there's a moneybag symbolizing how much money they spent in new players after Pep became the new manager.

The old badge featured the owner Sheikhy with golden wings.

Players Edit

NUM. Pos. Player name Nationality
1 GK Claudio Bravo Alpha Delta Chilly
2 DF Kyle Sky Walker Engbland
3 DF Stabilo Badzill
4 DF Vinjury Kompany Brillgium
5 DF John £50nes Engbland
7 MF Rah$$m St$rling Engbland
8 MF Mmmkay Gundogan Germazing
10 FW Sergio Aguero Handballgentina
14 DF Ferme Laporte Les Blose
17 MF Kevin De Skybluyne Brillgium
18 MF Snakean Delph Engbland
19 MF Leroy Sarnie Germazing
20 MF Bastardo Silva Ronaldugal
21 MF David LongJohnSilva (C) Max Spayne
22 DF Benjamin Mendy Les Blose
25 MF Les Ferdinandinho Badzill
26 FW Really Bad Penalty Taker Mahrez Algeria
30 DF Nicolas Ottermandi Handballgentina
31 GK Kickedinthe Ederson Badzill
33 FW Gabriel Jesus Badzill
42 MF Yaya Tankoure Ivory Coats
47 MF Philsabout Fourden Engbland

Former players Edit

NUM Pos. Player name Nationality Destiny Club
1 GK Joe Hairt Engbland West Hammers (loan)
5 DF Pablo Zabtheletter Handballgentina West Hammers
6 DF Juliet Lescott Engbland West Brom Carrier Baggies
6 MF Fernandoh Badzill Galatasaray
7 DF James Run-of-the-Millner Engbland Liverinthepastpool
8 MF Samir Nasty Les Blose Antalyaspor
10 FW Edintheclouds Dzeko Bosniaoofside ASS Roamer
13 DF Aleksander KolarOG Serbia ASS Roamer
13 GK Willy Caballero Handballgentina Chelsea FC
14 FW Willy Big-Bonedy Ivory Coats It'saswan,see? FC
15 DF Joe Mangala Les Blose Everon
18 MF Frankly Loanfarce Engbland New York City FC
30 GK Costlemistake Pantilimon Transylromania Sunlessland


FW Kelechi IhearnachoLucas Loreto JR NigeriatricaBadzill Puelesster CityPSG

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