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This is a list of characters who had a minor roles in 442oons vídeos, such as background characters. Most of them are unamed and aren't based in real life people.

These characters are not WAGs, mascots and animals. They have their own pages.

Note that these characters don't have enough information to have their own page, so characters in this list shouldn't have an own page. There may be some exceptions.

Ben Edit

Ben is a ten years old blind blonde boy who served as a goalkeeper for Liverinthepastpool and Ronal Madrid training. He was kicked by Euronaldo after the Portuguese failed to score.

Boy escort Edit

He entered in the pitch with Harry Kane in a match against Ronal Madrid for the Champions League 2017/18.

Cameraman Edit

He is seen filming the Batman auctioners. It's possible that he is the one filming the Justice Premier League auctions.

Chinese Businessman Edit

He tried to buy Premier League footballers for 63 million pounds.

Cristiano Euronaldo's children Edit

Main articles: Cristiano Euronaldo's children and Cristiano Euronaldo Junior.

Cristiano Euronaldo's mom Edit

She is Euronaldo's mom. She loves her son and her grandchildren.

Diego Costa's parents Edit

They are two cavepeople that raised Diego Costa. they are only seen in a photo.

Father and son Edit

They were watching an adult movie in the cinema. After Phace Jones made his ugly face, the father told the son to not look at Jones's face and instead to look at the adult movie.

Female bus passenger Edit

She is a blonde woman who was seen twice in a bus.

Film director Edit

He directs the acutions for Batman and has trouble with Gareth Bale, who wants to be a Monkeyman. He later appears with David de Gea's girlfriend.

It's possible that he is the one directing the Justice Premier League auctions.

Film director's assistant Edit

He works with the filim director and is assaulted by Bale after disturbing him during his auction.

Girl escort Edit

She entered in the pitch with Cristiano Euronaldo in a match against Tottenham Hotform for the Champions League 2017/18. Kane joked about her being Euronaldo's girlfriend.

Jamie Vardy's fan Edit

He is a young boy who is phisically similar to Jamie Voddy and is also a fan of him. Zlatan doesn't like the boy's admiration for Vardy and obliges him to says that Zlatan is best.

Judge Edit

He was pissed off

Male bus passenger Edit

He is a bald man that was seen twice in a bus.

News presenter Edit

He presented news about football as if they were real life news. He also hosted the PFA Awards in 2015 and 2016.

Rafa's customer Edit

She is a woman who is seen as a customer in Rafa's.

Raheem's children Edit

Main article: Raheem's children

The crowd Edit

Main article: The crowd

Waiter Edit

He is seen as a waiter in Leicester's party and during Sergio Ramos routine.

Waiter's boss Edit

He sacks his waiter after Ramos faked that he was injured by the bill paper.

Worker Edit

He tries to talk To Zlatan but Zlatan ignores him.

World's Most Beautiful Woman Edit

Zlatan went in a quest to find the World's Most Beautiful Woman after saying that he would date her once he found her. She is found near a waterfall. She speaks in a Teesside accent.

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