This is a list of references to fictional works that appeared on 442oons.

Animated Cartoons Edit

Ben 10 Edit

Looney Tunes Edit

  • Wile Kouyate is a parody of Wile E. Coyote.
  • Nathan Redmond as a roadrunner was a parody of the Roadrunner of Looney Tunes.
  • During one Wacky Race, Delia Wordsmith (with the body of an yellow canary) said: "I think I taw a puttycat!" to Sunlessland's cat, a reference to the Tweety and Sylvester cartoons.

Scooby Doo Edit

  • Kompany and Coutinho mentio that Scooby Doo is their favorite cartoon.
  • Raheem Sterling was criticized for running like Velma from Scooby Doo in one Flash Audition.

Wacky Races Edit


Finding Nemo Edit

  • A clownfish called Finding Neymar appeared sometimes.
  • There's a parody of Finding Nemo called Fouling Neymar. In that parody, Barca players are clownfish, Suarez is a shark, Real Madrid players are anglerfishes and the referee is Dory so he suffers from memory loss.


  • Obi Wan Coke-nosy tells Messi to "Let it go" and Messi sings a parody of the song "let it go" and starts freezing stuff.
  • When Muller failed to make a joke of Icemanland, Dante told him to "let it go" and Muller smiled.
  • Whinger sings a parody of "For the first time in forever" when he beat Jose Moaninho for the first time in the league. He appeared dressed as Anna and Moaninho as Elsa. The name of Arsenal in that video was Arsendelle.
  • Elsa appeared during Emil Forsberg's vacation on the Swedish snow. She challenged him to a snowball fight and lose.

Jaws Edit

  • Suarez starred his own parody of Jaws called Teeth.

The Lion King Edit

  • Ronald Cowman sings a parody of Circle of Life for Wanyama. Tottenham players do the same the following season. They all wore lion masks while singing.
  • Bacuna Matata's name is a reference to Hakuna Matata, a motto and song from this movie.

Lord Of The Rings Edit

  • When he gets emotional, Ole Gunnar Solksjær morphs into Gollum, a character from this movie series.

Rocky Edit

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Edit

Silence of the Lambs Edit

  • 442oons' first video was a parody of Silence of the Lambs.

Star Wars Edit

Toy Story Edit

  • Jessie Ligard used to look like Jessie from Toy Story.
  • Ed Woodwood is referred as "Woody" in a pun.

Finding Dory Edit

  • There's a parody of Finding Dory called Finding Ballon D'ory 4. In that parody, it's just all about Euronaldo, being the best goddamn clownfish ever finding his Ballon D'ory 4, a refference to Ronaldo winning his 4th Ballon D'or

Video Games Edit

Street Fighter Edit

Super Mario Edit

  • Not So Super Mario's name is a reference to Super Mario. He even transforms into 8bits during a match after eating a mushroom and the design is very similar to Super Mario Bros.
  • Maya Yoshida is shaped like Yoshi, a dinosaur from the Super Mario series.
    • Ronald Cowman rides him dressed as St. Maryo.
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