This a list of every animal that appeared in 442oons by species.

Bear Edit

  • Sidecar Bearandrhino, as its name implies, is shaped like a bear cub and a rhinoceros.
  • Atletico Madrid's symbol features a bear defecating behind a tree.
  • Zlatan appears holding up an adult bear to search in his cave.
  • Morata appears dressed as Po from Kung Fu Panda.

Bee Edit

  • Messi fails to hit a bee during a challenge with Ronaldo.
  • Brrrnley's symbol features two frozen bees.

Bird Edit

  • The Baggie Bird appears in West Brom's logo and as a mascot.
  • A blue tit appeared in Messi and Ronaldo's song.
  • Tits often feature in newspapers front covers. This is a reference to The Sun, a British newspaper.
  • Delia Wordsmith with the body of a canary serves as Notrich's mascot and Wacky Races vehicle.
  • Gotze accidentally shoots a bird (possibly a dove) in a fountain during his holiday in January 2018.

Camel Edit

  • Samir Nasty rides a camel once in one Wacky Race.

Cat Edit

  • Sunlessland's mascot and symbol is a black cat.
  • Hull Pussies' symbol and mascot is an orange cat.
  • A black cat is featured twice to symbolize Tottenham's bad luck for not being able to win at Wembley. Hurri-Kane remembers finding one.
  • Two different cats appear to symbolize a "transfer kitty".
  • Remedial French Garde tries to drown some kitties.
  • Brrrnley's symbol features one frozen cat.
  • Daniel Levil was petting a white kittie once.

Chicken Edit

  • Francis Cockerelin has the body of a chicken.
  • Badford's symbol is a chicken.
  • Liverbird used to be a hen.
  • Tottenham Hotform's crest features a cockerel with the face of Kane.
  • Arsey Whinger, Samir Nasty and Patrice Whatevra appeared with hen bodies in the 12 Days of Christmas 2014 song.
  • Romelu Lukaku has a pet cockerel.
  • Wayne Rooney had to catch a hen as part of his training as Rocky.
    • Roman Bürki does the same before for Der Klassiker.

Cow Edit

Coyote Edit

  • Wile Kouyate is a coyote. He is a parody of Wile E. Coyote.

Crow Edit

  • A crow is featured in Crow-atia's flag.

Dinosaur Edit

  • The Gunnersaurus, the mascot of Arsene FC, is a dinosaur.
  • Hamburger SV's mascot is a blue dinosaur named Hermann.
  • Maya Yoshida has the appearence of Yoshi, a dinosaur of the Super Mario Franchise.

Dog Edit

  • Dirty Sanchez has two pet dogs that he loves too much.
  • Klopp disguises himself as a dog to try to talk to Virgil.
  • Gareth Bale (as a monkey) once stayed in a Quarentine with many dogs.
  • Some dogs are pulled in a sled by Zlatan in his quest for the most beautiful woman. These dogs are identical to Sanchez's dogs.
  • A dog owned by Will Ferrell/Ron Burgundy appears sometimes.
    • A dog similar to Burgundy's appears as the pet of a family.
  • A black dog similar to Sanchez's dogs guides a La Liga referee during a Conspiracy Theory.
  • Terrier dogs with the face of Schlong Terry serves as Huddersfield Terryer's mascot.

Donkey Edit

  • Piers Moron owned a donkey in Hateful 8 parody.

Dragon Edit

  • Bales has a a dragon with Gareth Bale's face in its flag.
  • A dragon was ridden by Ralph Hasenhüttl to defeat the Yellow Wall.

Eagle Edit

  • An eagle is the mascot and symbol of Cwystal Palace.

Elephant Edit

  • Two elephants celebrate Yaya Toure's country winning the Africa Cup of Nations in 2015.
  • Kevin De Bluene is turned into a human-elephant hybrid after Moutinho shot him with elephant tranquiliser just before the Manchester Derby 2017.

Elephant Seal Edit

  • Brendan Rodgers used to be an elephant seal. He was known as Brendan the Elephant Seal.

Emu Edit

  • One emu appeared as an animal that Nigel Fearsome had to guess.

Fish Edit

  • Many fish and other sea creatures) with parody names write on them appeared in some videos whenever undersea was shown. The parodies are:
    • JT Sperm Whale (a sperm whale parody of John Terry);
    • Theo Whalecott (a blue whale parody of Theo Walcott);
    • Andy Carroll (a seahorse parody of Andy Carroll);
    • Octopersie (an octopus parody of Van Persie);
    • Stingray Parlour (a stingray parody of Ray Parlour);
    • Sole Campbell (a sole parody of Sol Campbell);
    • Dirk Trout (a trout parody of Dirk Kuyt);
    • El Hadji Diouf (an eel parody of El Hadji Diouf);
    • Finding Neymar (a clownfish parody of Neymar and Finding Nemo);
    • Oscarp (a carp parody of Oscar);
    • Demba Ba-rracuda (a barracuda parody of Demba Ba);
    • Salmon Kalou (a salmon parody of Salomon Kalou);
    • Prawn Wright Phillips (a prawn parody of Shaun Wright-Phillips);
    • John Oyster (a oyster parody of John Oster);
    • David Sea-man (a diver silhouette parody of David Seaman).
  • Salmonman Rondon has the face of a salmon.
  • Chewy Suarez appeared as a shark in the Jaws parody called Teeth.
  • Barcelona and Real players used respectively clownfish and anglerfish costumes in a parody.

Fox Edit

  • Leicester's mascot is a red fox. It also serves as their symbol and vehicle.
    • Leicester's players also dress themselves as foxes during What do the Foxes say? songs.

Goat Edit

  • Mario and his brother Felix are goats.
  • A goat represents the term GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).
  • A goat is the symbol of Colonia. It looks just like Mario Goatze's old design.

Hornet Edit

  • A hornet serves as WTFord's mascot.

Horse Edit

  • Three horses appeared in the Hateful 8 parody. One is a mare owned by Clare Balding; she almost marries JT. The other two horses include one owned by Emmanuel Lazybayor and another presumably owned by Piers Moron.
  • Many horses appeared during one Wacky Races special which had a theme of the Grand National, an annual horse race held in Liverpool.
  • Zlatan rode a horse in order to look for the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • Pep,si? Guardiola is turned into a human-horse hybrid after Mourinho shot him with elephant tranquiliser just before the Manchester Derby 2017.
  • Thomasshole Muller owns a horse called Dave.
  • There is a horse head in Old Lady's main room, used as a trophy.

Lemur Edit

  • James Milner brings a lemur insted of Thomas Lemar as a contestant for the C-Factor.

Lion Edit

  • Three sleeping lions appear on Engbland's logo.
  • Premier League's trophy has two golden lions sleeping in it.
  • Two red lions are in Pea-Er Leverkusen logo.
  • The face of a blue lion is featured on F.C. Cohaagen's logo.
  • Brough, Reading and Bland Rovers have lions as their mascots.
  • Ronald Cowman wears a lion hat during one parody abour Wanyama. Some Tottenham players do the same in the following season.
  • Two lions attack Alberto Smalleno when he was sent to a Safari by Klopp after failing to defend.

Llama Edit

  • Adam the Llama is shaped like a llama.

Magpie Edit

Monkey Edit

  • Gareth Bale used to look like a monkey.
  • A monkey friend with Woy appears twice.

Moth Edit

  • Many moth appeared in the Euro 2016 final.

Mouse Edit

  • Petr the Czech has ears just like Mickey Mouse.
  • The mascot of SC Paderborn is a mouse named Holli.

Ostrich Edit

  • Liverbird is an ostrich.
  • A journalist ostrich is scared of Nigel Fearsome.

Owl Edit

  • Woy Bogdson has the body and beak of an owl. He calls himself a FWOG (Football Wizard Owl Genius).
  • Zlatan shoots an owl during his quest for the most beautiful woman in the world.

Parrot Edit

  • David Silva had a parrot in his shoulder at one Candidate for FIFARCE16's cover.

Penguin Edit

  • A penguin is featured in Brrrnley's logo.

Pig Edit

  • Not So Super Mario's micro pig named Super appears under his hat.
  • Schweinstiger used to have the head of a pig.
  • Many pigs appear during a match protest.

Pigeon Edit

  • A pigeon is in Newcastle’s logo.

Rat Edit

  • Marco Veryratty has some rat features. He sometimes appears in the size of a rat as well.

Reindeer Edit

  • Many reindeer pulling sleds appear during Christmas time, specially in the Wacky Races.
  • Darren Rudolph is a reindeer as a reference to Rudolph the Red Nosed Deer.
  • Eric Dier appeared as a reindeer when his parody name was Eric Deer.

Rhinoceros Edit

  • Sidecar Bearandrhino, as its name implies, is shaped like a bear cub and a rhinoceros.

Roadrunner Edit

  • Nathan Redmond appeared as a roadrunner in some Wacky Races rounds.

Scorpion Edit

  • Kane tosses a scorpion in Olivier GQ's face during a Scorpion Kick Challenge.

Seagull Edit

  • Brughton's logo and car features the manager Chris Hughton with the body of a seagull.
  • A seagull follows Eric Cantona. It helped him find out who had milked Moaninho.

Sheep Edit

  • Philip Lamb, a retired footballer, is a lamb with white wool.
  • Jordan Ewe has the form of a sheep with black and white wool.

Snail Edit

  • A snail appeared as one of the answers of the slowest thing during Germazing X Les Blose in Euro 2016.

Squirrel Edit

  • Toby Eldersquirrel, as his name implies, used to be a squirrel.

Swan Edit

  • It'saswan,see? FC's symbol and mascot is a swan. He serves as the club's main vehicle in the Footballer 1 rounds.
  • Bryan Swansuiton, a Chief News Reporter at Sky Sports News, has the appearance of a swan.
  • A mother swan appeared with her cygnets when Whinger sang a parody of the song “For the First Time in Forever” from Frozen. She got worried when Whinger tossed up her babies, who presumably died.

Tiger Edit

  • Schweintiger had the body of a tiger.
  • Hull Pussies' logo features a tiger.

Turkey Edit

  • A turkey appears as a symbol of I love Turkey. It also serves as a player.

Turtle Edit

  • Oxlade Chamberlain used to be a turtle as a parody of the Amazing Teenage Ninja Turtles.
  • A turtle appeared as one of the answers of the slowest thing during Germazing X Les Blose in Euro 2016.
  • Seaturtles with the head of Ronaldo appeared in one music video.

Whale Edit

  • A whale appears on the Whales Derby. She looks just like Theo Whalecott.
  • Theo Whalecott and JT Sperm Whale often appear underwater.

Wolf Edit

  • Wolvesburger's mascot is a werewolf.
  • Wolves' badge features the face of a wolf.

Trivia Edit

  • In the 442oons universe, animal tranquiliser turns people into human-animal hybrids. The effects last for several days.

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