Liverinthepastpool is a club from Engbland that plays in the Premier League.

Name Edit

Liverinthepastpool is a reference of how the club were better in the past - they did not win a league title for 30 years.

LOLerpool is because the club was having a bad season.

Leavethepool is just a pun with the club's name.

Liverhamptonpool is because they were signing lots of Saintshampton (Southampton) players recently.

Loserpool and Liverpoo are because the club was having bad perfomances at matches such as losing to mid-table clubs.

Badge Edit

The current badge is an ostrich (symbolising Liverbird) with the head of current manager Yougurn Klopp.

Current squad Edit

No. Pos. Player name Nationality
1 GK loris Germazing
2 DF Calvin Clyne Engbland
4 DF Virgil van TracSaint Ho-land
5 MF Georginio Why?Naldum Ho-Land
6 DF Dortmund Lovren Crow-atia
7 MF James Run-of-the-Millner Engbland
9 FW Bobby Firmino Badzill
11 FW Moe Salah Egypt
14 MF Jordan Hendrunson Engbland
16 MF Marko Grujic Serbia
17 FW Ragnar Balaklavan Forestonia
18 DF Alberto Smalleno Max Spayne
10 FW Sadio The Mane Senegal
20 DF Adam the Llama Engbland
21 MF Alex Oxeleonardo Chamberlain Engbland
23 MF Xherdan Shakira Swatcherland
27 DF Divock TwoorThreegi Brillgium
28 FW Danny Ings Engbland
32 DF Joël Matip Camerold

Former Players Edit

No. Pos. Player name Nationality Period
2 DF Jan Kromkamp Ho-Land PeeSV
3 DF Madman Sakho Les Blose Cwystal Palace
4 DF Kolo Toure Ivory Coats Celtic
6 DF Ginger Arne Riise Norway ASS Roamer
7 FW Chewy Suarez Urucry Bancelona
8 MF Stevie Wellard Engbland Retired (he became a manager)
9 FW Fernando Torrid Max Spayne Chelsea FC
9 FW Andy Carrallwaysinjured Engbland West Hammers
9 FW Christian Bentanke Brillgium Crystal Parish
11 MF Sellifyoucan Diao Senegal Stoke Wet and Windy
11 MF Philippe Cuteinho Badzill Bancelona
12 MF Christian Poolsen Denmark Evian
13 DF Poor Connedchesky Engbland Leicester Shakespeare Company
14 MF Xabi Irunslow Max Spayne Real Getrid
15 FW Peter Needs To Crouch Engbland Portsmouth
15 FW Daniel Sturrinjured Engbland West Brom Carrier Baggies (loan)
18 FW Kuytwoman Ho-Land Fenerbarçe
20 MF Javier Rascherano Handballgentina Bancelona
21 robert lewandowski polska bayern monachium fc
23 DF JC Engbland Retired
24 MF Welsh Xavi Walesh Stoke Wet and Windy
25 GK Pepe Reina Max Spayne Nippli (has a potential to AC Milan)
31 FW Rah££m Loves St£rling Engbland Manchester Sheikhy
33 FW Neil Mellor Engbland Preston North End
37 DF Martin Skorcel Slorcvakia Fenerbarçe
38 DF Jon Flanagan Engbland Bolton Wanderers
45 FW Not So Super Mario Balotelli Greataly Nice
50 MF Lazarquest Marković Serbestia Hull City (loan)

Former managers Edit

Name Nationality Period
Gerard Houlettheredsout Les Blose 1998-2004
Rafact Beneatesh Max Spayne 2004-2010
Woy Bogdson Engbland 2010-2011
Brendan the Elephant Seal Northern Island 2012-2015

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ian AyreyBiker is a former CEO from Liverinthepastpool.
  • The name of the club is inconsistent. It changes depending of the perfomance of the club. However, Liverinthepastpool is the one used the most currently.
  • Because a lot of players from Saintshampton went to Liverinthepastpool, Saintshampton is sometimes referred as Liverpool B (specially when it plays against Liverpool).
  • Liverinthepastpool is sometimes called Barcelona B as 3 of the Liverinthepastpool went to Barca. They are: Javier Rascherano, Chewy Suarez, and recently Phil Cuteinho
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