Jordan Ayewe is a Les Blose player who plays for Ghanarrhea and It'saswan,see? FC. He formerly played at Astonishingly Bad Villa.

Character Edit

He looks just like Philip Lamb, except for the colors. His skin is brown and he has white wool in his body and tail and black wool in his head.

He has a brown nose and the badge of the club that he plays for is in his chest.

Career Edit

2015/16 season Edit

Premier League 2015/16 Edit

He just appeared in the 24th round of Premier League Wacky Races. He had a TNT belt around his body and he pressesd the self-destruction button by stepping in Wile Kouyate's trap, exploding himself and Remedial French Garde.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • An ewe is a female sheep. However, that doesn't affect his gender in 442oons.
  • He just appeared once and he didn't appear playing for his current club yet.
  • He "pressing the self-destruct button" is because he received a red card and Aston Villa lost the match.
  • It's unknown why his wool has two colors.
  • His original design can be purchased here.
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