Jessica Alba is a player of Max Spayne and Barcelona. She formerly played at Vicki Valencia.

Character Edit

She wears a dark blue eyeshadow. Despite being female, she has a visible beard.

She sometimes fall in love or flirts with other players, such as Olivier GQ and Ivan Raketits.

Name origin Edit

Her name is because Jorgi Alba's name has similarities with Jessica Alba's name:

  • both begin with J;
  • both have the surname Alba.

Career Edit

2014/15 season Edit

La Liga 2014/15 Edit

She scored an own goal in a match against Real Sociopath. For some reason, she comemorates after she does it.

Champions League 2014/15 Edit

She assistis Suarez against Manchester Sheikhy in the first leg.

2015/16 season Edit

La liga 2015/16 Edit

She assisted Suarez yet again, this time against Atletic Bilbao Baggins.

Champions League 2015/16 Edit

She appeared in the intro song with her team.

She fell in love with Olivier GQ and fainted. She later headbutts him.

She failed to defend Torrid's goal in the semi-finals.

Euro 2016 Edit

Euro 2016 Spain team

Jessica Alba during Euro 2016 along her team.

She tried to pass to David Silva's goal against Petr the Czech Republic, but he failed to score.

She appeared in a walk in the park with her country in the match against I love Turkey.

2016/17 season Edit

La Liga 2016/17 Edit

She is seen flirting with Raketits during a Mannequin Challenge.

She scored against Ooh Bettys, but her goal was disallowed because the referee didn't see the ball crossing the goal-line.

She sings The Shape of Messi with her team.

Champions League 2016/17 Edit

She appeared in the Last 16 song with her team. She sang and danced with them in the Best Comeback Ever against Old Lady.

2017/18 season Edit

La Liga 2017/18 Edit

She appeared in another Mannequin challenge with her team.

She/he appeared again in Kung Fu Fighting El Clasico but in her/his male form.

Champions League 2017/18 Edit

She appeared in the intro and Last 16 songs along her team.

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