James Run-Of-The-Milner is a player of Liverinthepastpool. He formerly played for Engbland, Leeds United, Swindon Town, Newcashley Disunited, and Manchester Sheikhy.

Character Edit

James always feels bored, and he likes ironing. He is very good at running. His favourite drink is Ribena.

In a recent game against between Moneychester United and Manchester Sheikhy, he was tackled by Chris Talling who then got a second yellow card.

Name origin Edit

James Run-of-the-Milner is a combination of James Milner and the phrase Run of the mill, which means ordinary. He loves to drinks Ribe-ner.

Appearances Edit

He appears in UOAFA Euro 2016 as a member of the Engbland squad.

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