Handballgentina is a country in 442oons. It's based in the Argentina national football team.

Name Edit

It's name is a reference to the Hand of God incident, where Diego Maradona made a goal using his hand in a match against Engbland in the World Cup 1986. For the 2018 FIFARCE World Cup, the team was renamed Lioneltina, after Lionel Messigician.

Flag Edit

Its flag features the best player of the country: Lionel Messigician.

Players Edit

Player name Pos. Club
Angel Di Maria MF Paris Saint-Germoney
Carloth Teveth FW Boca Juniors
Erik Lame-ela MF Tottenham Hotform
Gonzalo Hugeain FW ACDC Milan
Javier Rascherano DF Hebei China Fortune
Lionel Messigician FW Barcelona
Markos Badly Roho DF Moneychester United
Nicolas Ottermandi DF Manchester Sheikhy
Pablo Zabtheletter DF West Hammers
Paulo Dyballa FW Old Lady
Ramiro Funes Mori DF Everon
Sergio Aguero FW Manchester Sheikhy
Mauro Icardi FW Inter Mulan
Diego Perotti FW ASS Roamer
Sergio Romero GK Moneychester United
Willy Caballero GK Chelsea FC

Retired footballers Edit

Name Pos. Year of retirement
Diego Maradona FW 1997
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