“I’m monkey man!”

Garry Bale is a player of Bale Madrid and Bales. He formerly played for Saintshampton

and Tottenham Hotform.

Character Edit

Garry Bale was one of the first characters to appear in 442oons. From 2013 until 2016, he looked like a monkey. From 2016, he was in human design. He speaks in a high pitched voice. He often laughs like a monkey. Cristiano Arrogantaldo hates him. In a video of El Clasico in 2019, when  Barcelona beat Bale Madrid, on a stage, Bale and Cristiano Arrogantaldo almost kissed, but Chewy Suarez interrupted them by saying 'Oh, Jesus Christ! Get a room!!' with Arrogantaldo agreeing with him.

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