"Shall not pass!"

Francis Cockerelin is a player of Les Blose and Vicki Valencia. He used to play in Arsene FC.

Character Edit

He has the body and the crest of a chicken. His boy has the color of the shirt that he's wearing an his neck, his wings an his tail are white.

Name origin Edit

His name is a pun of cockerel with Francis Coquelin.

His old name Cockerelman is also a reference to cockerel.

Career Edit

2015/16 season Edit

Premier League 2015/16 Edit

He debuted during a North London Derby. He was named Francis Cockerelman at that time. He handballed a ball of Adele and received a yellow card. He fouled Kane and received another yellow so he was expulsed.

2016/17 season Edit

Premier League 2016/17 Edit

He couldn't defend a goal of Coutinho in the match against Liverinthepastpool.

He tried to stop Eden Hazard and jumped on him, but was carried and fall off while Hazard scored a goal.

He appears in a nest at Old Tramford during a Mannequin Challenge. He ran away with the rest of the team when Moaninho became the manager of Arsene FC for one day.

He also appears in a Rap Battle against Moneychester United.

Chamions League 2016/17 Edit

He was seen in the matches against Bayern Munchausen.

We Know Sweet FA Cup 2016/17 Edit

Xhaka summoned him during a rap battle against Kante but his attack was blocked.

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