Footballer 1 (Short F1) (also known as Grand Prix Football (short Footy GP) fomerly Wacky Races) is a type of race based on the Premier League. It debuted in the Premier League 2015/16, following with less episoded for Premier League 2016/17 and Premier League 2017/18. Each team have a vehicle and they go against each others based on the real Premier League games. In 2015/16 it had 34 races, in 2016/17 it had 6 races and in 2017/18 it had 3 races.

With some races missing, in 2016/17 it missed the first 3 but appeared in the 4th and 5th races, even though there was a question about doing 442oons of the Day or Wacky Races, since Dean Stobbart won't have time enough to do both most rounds. We seen most of the votes to Wacky Races but Dean still did only 442oons of the Day in the first 3 rounds of the PL, but the Footballer 1 come back in the 4th round.

Premier League 2015/16 Edit

Arsene FC Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • Gunner's Cannon
    • Big Guns
    • Cannon with Insecticide
  • Santa Cazorla's sled
  • Mesut Eyezil's spaceship

Drivers Edit

Gallery Edit

Leavethepool Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • Liverbird
  • Helikloppter
  • Adam the Llama
  • James Run-of-the-Millner

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