FC Bayern Munchausen is a club from Germazing that plays in the Bundesliga.

Name origin Edit

Its name is a pun of Bayern München and Baron Münchausen, a fictional nobleman from Germany.

Badge Edit

The badge features the player Thomasshole Muller looking and pointing up and probably saying: "I can see Jesus".

Players Edit

No. Pos. Player name Nationality
1 GK Savewell Neuer Germazing
4 DF Niklas XXXSule Germazing
27 DF Alibaba Auzztria
6 DF Thiago Alcatrazra Max Spayne
9 FW Robert Lewangoalski Po-land
10 MF Phillippe Coutinyho Bad-zill
25 FW Thomasshole Muller Germazing
22 FW Gnabrie Germazing
19 DF Day-VISA Can-Canada
32 MF Kimmuch Germazing
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