"Grow up, boys!"

Eva Carneiro is a former Chelsea FC's physio. She worked on the club from 2009 to 2015 before being harshly sacked by Jose Moaninho.

Character Edit

She is mature as shown with her responses to other characters, such as Whinger and Moaninho fighting and Schlong Terry making perverted jokes.

She also is very prestative at her work and cares for the players. She does her work pretty fine, always taking care of the injured players and doing other favors to the club.

She also has a great sense of justice and isn't afraid to sue people who insult and threaten her.

Career Edit

2013/14 season Edit

Premier League 2013/14 Edit

Her first appearence was when she was sitted near Moaninho, Hwan Mata, David Louise and Andre Shirley watching a match against LOLerpool. She is angered when she sees Suarez chasing Ivanitch in the field.

She also appears in the Chelsea Bus song. She winks at Terry, implying that they have some sort of relationship.

2014/15 season Edit

She helped Tibo Cechtout after he was injured by Dirty Sanchez. She also interfered in Whinger and Moaninho fight, telling both of them to grow up. Moaninho took advantage in Whinger's distraction with Eva's presence and punched him.

She was the one who pulled the cart for Diego Costly-Coffee's and Gary Vkahill Blue's entrance in the Thirsty Games.

She also appered sitted next to Moaninho during the Super Bowl match againt Not Many English Patriots. She became angry with Terry perverted joke.

2015/16 season Edit

Mourinho Eva 2015

Jose Moaninho and Eva in 2015/16 season start.

She appeared with Moaninho in Chelsea's first match of the season against Swanstery FC. Moaninho talked to her about bringing on Petr the Czech to the match after Tibo was expulsed but he reminded that they sold Petr to Arsene FC.

She was sacked by Moaninho because he blamed her for Chelsea's bad perfomance at the start of theseason, despite she only doing her job. It's also shown in a Football Flashback that Moaninho didn't like her, as he didn't liked her singing along him.

Thereafter she appeared tied up whenever Chelsea appeared. Moaninho tryed to kill her with a poisoned apple, but she ended up laughing after Chelsea lost 3-0 to Manchester Sheikhy.

After truly leaving Chelsea, she sued him and appeared as a ghost twice to haunt Moaninho. Whenever he remembers her, he starts cursing.

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Trivia Edit

  • She is mentioned by Moaninho in the 4th episode of The Roy Keane Show of the 2016/17 season.
  • Whenever Moaninho talks about her, he refers to her as puta which is a portuguese swear word that translates into bitch.
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