Engbland is a country that appears in 442oons. It's a parody of England national football team. Its national league is the Premier League.

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Players Edit

Player name Pos. Club
Adam the Llama MF Liverinthepastpool
Andy Carrallwaysinjured FW West Hammers
Calvin Clyne DF Liverinthepastpool
Cashley Cole DF LA Galaxy
Chambers of Secrets DF Arsene FC
Charlie Austin FW Saintshampton
Chris Talling DF Moneychester United
Daniel Sturrinjured FW West Brom Carrier Baggies
Danny Drinkwater MF Chelsea FC
Dele Alli MF Tottenham Hotform
Dwight Gayle FW Newcashley Disunited
Emma Watson MF WTFord
England's Rose DF Tottenham Hotform
Eric Dier MF Tottenham Hotform
Fraser Forster GK Saintshampton
Fresh Prince of Wel-Air FW Arsene FC
Gary Cahill DF Chelsea FC
Ghastly Tongue MF Moneychester United
Helen of Troy Deaney FW WTFord
Hurri-Kane FW Tottenham Hotform
Jack Buttland GK Stoke Wet and Windy
Jack GrealEnglishIrish MF Astonishingly Bad Villa
Jack Wheelchair MF Arsene FC
James Run-of-the-Millner MF Liverinthepastpool
Jamie Voddy FW Puelesster City
Jason Punch and Judy MF Cwystal Palace
Jermain Def-Old FW Jason Bournemouth
Jessie Lingard MF Moneychester United
Joe Hairt GK West Hammers
John €50nes DF Manchester Sheikhy
Jon Flanagan DF Bolton Wanderers
Jonjo Shelvemort MF Newcashley Disunited
Jordan Hendrunson MF Liverinthepastpool
Josh O-Nomah MF Astonishingly Bad Villa
Kaylum Chambers DF Arsene FC
Kieran Gibbs DF West Brom Carrier Baggies
Lewis Cook MF Jason Bournemouth
Luke Shalways Injured DF Moneychester United
Midas Rashford FW Moneychester United
Nathaniel Chalobah MF WTFord
Peter Needs To Crouch FW Stoke Wet and Windy
Phace Jones DF Moneychester United
Phil Jagbomberelka DF Everon
Raheem Loves Sterling FW Manchester Sheikhy
Roadrunner Redmond MF Saintshampton
Ross Barkleave MF Chelsea FC
Ryan Shawcross DF Stoke Wet and Windy
Schlong Terry DF Astonishingly Bad Villa
Scott Malone DF Huddersfield Terryers
Skyle Walker DF Manchester Sheikhy
Snakean Delph MF Manchester Sheikhy
Steve Cook DF Jason Bournemouth
Th2-0 Walcott FW Everon
Tom Heaton GK Brrrnley
Tom Ince MF Huddersfield Terryers
Tom Not So Cleverley MF WTFord
Wayne Rooney FW Everon

Retired footballers Edit

Player name Pos. Year of retirement
Alan Marriott GK 2014
Frankly Loanfarce MF 2016
Gary Neville DF 2011
JC DF 2013
Juliet Lescott DF 2017
Michael Owen FW 2013
Phil Neville DF/MF 2013
Sol Campbell DF 2011
Stevie Wellard MF 2016

Former managers Edit

Manager name Nationality Period
Tulip Taylor Engbland 1990-1993
Shteve Mclaren Engbland 2006-2007
Fabiohno Capello Greataly 2008-2012
Woy Bogdson Engbland 2012-2016
Big Fat Sam Engbland 2016

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  • Chester Zoo
  • London

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