They are two dogs owned by Dirty Sanchez. Their owner likes them very much.

Career Edit

2016/17 season Edit

Their first mention was in a poster meade by an Arsenal fan saying to Sanchez to stay. The poster featured Sanchez and his two dogs.

Their debut appearence was in one Q&A with Alexis and Diego Costa, where they stayed in the arms of their owner for most of the video. Diego tried to eat them and beat them up. He later cut off the bones of his legs and kicked them too far away, to Stamforza Bridge.

They also appeared in The Floor is Lava Challenge, headed by Thomasshole Muller. Muller told to Alexis and Eyezil that the floor was a contract extension, so Mesut was abducted and flew away in his spaceship and Alexis stayed in the top of his dogs to not touch the ground.

2017/18 season Edit

Jack Wheelchair kicked them to practice his habilities after he returned to the main squad.

They were with their owner after he moved to Moneychester United. One of them fetched Zlatan's leg and ran away from him. They bit Phace Jones' hand and were thrown away by him.

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite not being stated on 442oons, their names are Atom and Humber.
  • In real life they are golden retrievers.
  • In the poster made by the Arsenal fan, the two dogs are different from each other. However, they looked just like each other in their other appearences.
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