Diego Maradona is a former player of Barcelona, Nippli, See,villa? and Handballgentina.

Character Edit

Known for handballing in the 1986 world cup against Engbland, he gave the very known name to the Argentinian national team: Handballgentina. He was once addicted to cocaine. He is seen in the Handballgentina vs Irun game in the 2014 FIFARCE World Cup, saying “Use the forza, Lionel.” He is also in the Lionel Messigician and Notaxmar Q&A when Lionel Messi plays a video which features Maradona. The voice from the same video, can also be heard when Lionel Messigician prank calls Maradona.

Name origin Edit

Diego is referred to in one video as “Obi-Wan Cokenosy”, a pun on the Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi. Cokenosy is a refrence to Diego‘s cocaine addiction.
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