"My hair is so nice!"
David Louise is a brazilian player who plays for Chelsea FC. He foremerly played for Ben10fica and Paris Saint-Germoney.

Character Edit

He loves his hair, always saying that it's nice. He speaks with a light and effeminate voice in a Southern English accent and acts somewhat of a flamboyant way. That's why his parody name is Louise.

He is considered a bad defender by most of players, despite he being in Chelsea's main squad in Premier League 2016/17 season, which they were champions.

Gender Edit

David Louise's gender might be unclear. This is because of the following reasons:

  • His parody name having a female name for unknown reasons (David Louise);
  • His efeminate voice and his vain and flamboyant personality (specially the way he treats his hair);
  • He felt in love with Notaxmar once and almost kissed him;
  • He made an audition to the Justice Premier League as Wonder Woman (he was the only one who auditioned to be a female character).

Also, he have been referenced with female pronouns three times.[1] [2] [3]

Despite this, he was officially referred as a male, as most of the other players without a parody were [4]. His costume in the He-Man parody was a Beast Man as well, and this one had a deeper male voice. He also wears male suit during special occasions.

This could mean that he is bigender or genderfluid.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is the character with most design changes, with 4 in total.

References Edit

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