Darren Rudolph is a goalkeeper of Roypublic of Ireland and Brough. He formerly played at West Hammers.

Character and appearance Edit

He is a brown reindeer with a big red nose. As a reindeer. he eats grass and he likes to be petted. He is silent. In the 2018 UOAFA Nations League, he is seen wearing a Roypublic of Ireland kit and stands upright.

Name origin Edit

His name and design are because his name Darren Randolph sounds like Rudolph, which is the name of a red-nosed reindeer in a children‘s story.

Career Edit

2016/17 season Edit

Euro 2016 Edit

He failed to score two of Griezmann's goals because he was eating grass. His team was eliminated because of it.

2017/18 season Edit

Premier League 2017/18 Edit

He is seen in his last minutes with his former club West Ham. George Friend, a player of Brough, petted and took him because Rudolph signed for Brough.

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