Cwystal Palace is a club from Engbland that plays in the Premier League.

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Cwystal Palace/Crwstal Palace is a reference to the manager Woy Bogdson, because he uses w instead of r when he speaks.

Crystal Pulis and Crystal Pardew are a reference to previous managers: Tony Pulis and Alan Pardew.

Crystal Parish is a reference to one of the owners Steve Parish. This parody name was used when Palace still didn't have a manager after the last one was sacked.

Crystal Palose was used when the team wasn't winning many games.

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No. Pos. Player name Nationality
3 DF Patrick van Asshole Ho-land
7 MF Yohan Kiebab Les Blose
11 MF Wee Willy Zaha Ivory Coats
12 DF Madman Sakho Les Blose
17 FW Christian Bentanke Brillgium
18 MF James McArthur Skirtland
42 MF Jason Punch and Judy (C) Engbland

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