This article is about the youngest 3 children of Cristiano Euronaldo. For his eldest son, see Cristiano Euronaldo Junior.
They are the 3 youngest children of Cristiano Euronaldo. They all look like their father but they are actually two girls and one boy. They were all born in 2017.

Their names are: Mateo Ronaldo, Eva Maria and Alana Martina.

Mateo and Eva Edit

They are twin siblings whose mother is unknown, just like the mother of Junior.

Junior, Lionel Messigician and Suarez were taking care of them while Euronaldo was playing against Spurs.

Alana Edit

Alana is the youngest child of Euronaldo. She is the daughter of his current girlfriend.

She was first mentioned in the beginning of 2017 during a episode of The Roy Keane Show, when her mother was pregnant.

She is later seen as a newborn with her family (minus her twin siblings) in the hospital just before the Madrid Derby.

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