Cristiano Arrogantaldo is one of the most important characters in 442oons. He's for sure the second most arrogant player behind Zlatan. He is rivals with Lionel Messigician who he is much better than. He is from Ronaldugal, And has played for Ronal Madrid and is currently playing for Ronventus. Even though Messi is great, CR7 IS THE G.O.A.T!!!!

Character Edit

He has won 5 Bellen D'Ors. He is the rival of Lionel Messigician (who's won 6) for the best player in the world and they like to mock and tease each other.

He likes to make sick celebrations and scream "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiii". He also likes to become topless. When someone fails, he usually says "Hah hah!". He also love to annoys and mock Bale.

He is arrogant and selfish, preferring himself over the team and he always asks everybody to pass to him as he is great at scoring goals.

Name origin Edit

Cristiano Euronaldo is because he won the UEFA Euro 2016.

Cristiano Arrogantaldo is because of his arrogant mannerism.

CR7 are the first letters of his name (Cristiano Ronaldo) plus his squad number (7).

Career Edit

2013/14 season Edit

He debuted in the World Cup 2014. He appeared in the opening song along other players. He teased Messi and later took off his shirt and squealed "Suuuuuuu", making the other players leave the beach.

He played against Germapenalty but he didn't find the ball and his country lost. He appeared in Messi's match against Irun to tease him, but was frozen by Messi.

2014/15 Edit

La Liga 2014/15 Edit

He scored against Barca and he looked for Messi to tease him, but Messi didn't appear.

Champions League 2014/15 Edit

He appeared in the opening title with his team, holding a Champions League trophy saying that it was their decima (tenth).

He mocked Messi when he failed to score against Man. Sheikhy.


Champions League 2017-2018

He scored a great bicycle kick which many other footballers attempted to do but failed.

2018 FIFARCE World Cup

He played for Ronaldugal in the 2018 FIFARCE World Cup. He scored a hat-trick against Max Spayne.

Old Lady

He signed for Old Lady in July 2018. He recieved a red card against Vicki Valencia in his first UOAFA Not Many Are Really Champions League game for the club.


Seria A

In the 2018-19 Old Lady won the Seria A

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  • His team and his country are named after him.
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