Chewy Suarez is a player of Urucry and Bancelona. He formerly played at Eye-axe and Liverinthepastpool.

Character Edit

He has the habit of biting other players. He has bit 3 people in real life: Ottoman Backalley, Bernieslaven Ivanitch and Giorgio Chiellini.

He usually is harsh with others and will use violence even if it's not necessary. However, he is a nice friend with his teammates. He also praises his teammates when they play nice.

He is good at playing guitar and also can play it with his teeth, what he calls "Teeth Solo". However, that ability is not exceptional to him, as Messi was able to make a teeth solo just like Suarez.

Name origin Edit

His name Chewy comes to the fact that he bites a lot. That's also why he has such big teeth.

Friends Edit

MSN Edit

The MSN trio was Suarez main group since he joined Barca in 2014. It was composed by the three most skilled forwards of the club: Lionel Messigician, Notaxmar and Chewy himself. They were very close and always appeared together in the vidos. Despite being against Suarez's and Messi's will, the group was undone in 2017 after Notaxmar left to PSG.

MSC Edit

MSC is Barca's current group of strikers. It's like the MSN trio, but the Brazilian this time is Cuteinho. They are shown together doing fun things, such as watching Ronal Madrid failing and mocking them.

Dembele Edit

Suarez accepted Dembele as a substitute to Notaxmar more than Messi did. But he still had trouble to get used to Dembele's difficulty to mesh in the group.

Fiends Edit

Suarez is one of 442oons characters with the most fiends due to the bad actions that he made. These include:


2013/14 season Edit

He debuted in the first video of 442oons. That video was a parody of Silence of the Lambs. It featured a conversation between Suarez (who was in jail for biting players) and Arsey Whinger (who was trying to buy Suarez to Arsene FC).

His next appearence was in a video featuring his Seven Sins. His sins were:

  1. Bite 1 - Eye-axe v PeeSV
  2. Handball 1 - U-r-a-guy v Ghanarrhea
  3. Racial Slurs - LOLerpool v Man Ure
  4. Hand-shirk - Man Ure v LOLerpool
  5. Handball 2 - Lisa Stansfield Town v LOLerpool
  6. Bite 2 - LOLerpool v Chelski
  7. Transfer - LOLerpool v Suarez v Arsene'll Not Spend FC

He appeared on a parody of Jaws called Teeth. In that parody, he was a shark and killed Phace Jones while the latter was swimming. Ivanitch, Whinger and Whatevra went in a boat sail to search for the Suarez Shark, but the three were killed by Suarez himself.

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Trivia Edit

  • He was the main character in 442oons' first video.
  • Italians are one of the "food" Suarez like.

Despite making no bites nowadays, Suarez still threaten to bite anyone or anything makes him feels uncomfortable, as shown as Tibo Caughtout's "willy" in this video:

Quotes Edit

  • "Well Shag a donkey."
  • "Well That was dreadfull"
  • ”I’M A GENIUS!”
  • “Jesus Christ, hurry up!!!"
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