Censorship is common on 442oons too, some videos have got censorship!

Normal censorshipEdit

Some private parts are censored, but in TOP 10 HIGHLIGHTS! JUVENTUS vs TOTTHENHAM 2-2, a sexy thing is censored.


With the original name of channel, the wasn't no censorship, but it was only normal censorship, the censor bar, but in 2016, the name was changed to 442oons.


Originally Martin Talker’s head exploded, but was changed to Martin in the air, coming out of The Quiethad, but in PL 2015/2016 first video, it happened.

Euro 2016 and PL 16-17Edit

Fucking was changed to fecking (Fucking in Irish slang)

Dick Messi to RonaldoEdit

in a La Liga video RB 1-1 FCB no goal, the word dick was bleeped out. In a 2018 FIFARCE World Cup video, called “Argentina, I Can’t Be Your Hero“, Lionel Messigician did not complete this word.

Notaxmar to PSGEdit

To all the history of the channel, Notaxmar did not more react with his former teammates like acted in the video

RON 2016-17Edit

442oons just remaked this scenes, this help is the next censorship

Barcelona 7-0 CelticEdit

Fuck you was erased

PSG 7-1 CelticEdit

We did not watched this from the scoreboard, and for the tacticboard, so we can have more idea from what happened here


One was cancelled

Nemo parodyEdit

Violence wasn't drawn, but we just can see an idea

Germany OutEdit

The original video was deleted because Thomasshole Muller sang the word “scheisse” (German for shit) in a parody of the German national anthem which offended German viewers. A version with instrumental music was made.

Brazil 2-0 MexicoEdit

Zoomed in on reactions so nobody could see Notaxmar cutting his leg.

Smile Edit

In this video, Ole Gollum sings a parody of Smile, made famous by Nat "King" Cole. It got deleted due to copyright.

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