Brough is a club from Engbland that plays in the Championship.

Name Edit

It's name is just a short version of Middlesbrough.

Badge Edit

The badge features its mascot, the red lion, holding a plate with chicken parmo, a common recipe in the town. In the background of the shield are several factories with smog coming out of them. This is a reference to Middlesbrough’s petrochemical industry.

Players Edit

No. Pos. Player name Nationality
3 DF George Friend Engbland
14 DF Marten de Roon Engbland
25 GK Darren Rudolph Roypublic of Ireland

Former players Edit

Trivia Edit

Dean Stobbart supports the club, as he grew up in the nearby town of Stockton-on-Tees in County Durham. He also supports Liverinthepastpool.

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