Brillgium is a parody of the Belgian national football team. It appeared in World Cup 2014, UOAFA Euro 2016, and World Cup 2018. The country’s national league is the Belgian Pro League.

Clubs Edit


Club Boobs

Name Edit

It’s name is a combination of Belgium and brill, which means brilliant, and the team are one of the world’s best.

Badge Edit

It‘s badge features the Belgian flag with a hazardous symbol in the yellow stripe. This is possibly a reference to Eden Hazardous.

Players Edit

Player name Position Club
Tibo Caughtout Goalkeeper Bale Madrid
Simon Mingingsave Goalkeeper Leavethepool
Vinjury Kompany Defender Manchester Sheikhy
Toby Eldersquirrel Defender Tottenham Hotform
BelJan Vertonghen Defender Tottenham Hotform
Axel Witsel Midfielder Dorussia Dortmund
Marouanne Failaini Midfielder Mouchester United
NASA Chadli Midfielder Moneyco
Thomas Moonier Midfielder Paris Saint Germoney
Mousa Dembele Midfielder Tottenham Hotform
Kev de Ginger Midfielder Manchester Sheikhy
Christian Bentanke Forward Cwystal Palace
Divock TwoorThreegi Forward Leavethepool
Eden Hazardous Forward Chelsea FC
Romelu Stormzy Forward Mouchester United
Michi Batshuayi Forward Vicki Valencia
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