Bales is a country in 442oons. It's based in Wales and Wales national football team.

Name Edit

Its name is a pun of Wales and Bale, one of their best players.

Flag Edit

Its flag features a dragon with the face of Garry Bale.

Clubs Edit

Players Edit

Player name Pos. Club
Andy King MF It'saswan,see? FC
Ashley Westmidlands DF Everon
Garry Bale FW Ronal Madrid
Hal London-Kanu FW West Brom Carrier Baggies
Jesus Allen MF Stoke Wet and Windy
Jonny Williams MF Sunlessland
Paul Dumb and Dummett DF Newcashley Disunited
Sam Vokes FW Brrrnley
Shaun MacDonald MF Wigan Athletic
Wales Hennessey,see? GK Cwystal Palace
Welsh Rambo MF Arsene FC

Retired footballers Edit

Player name Pos. Year of retirement
Tryiton Giggsy MF 2014
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