Bale Madrid is a club of Spain that plays in La Liga.

Origin name Edit

Its name is a combination of Real Madrid and Bale, the best player of the club and new leader when Ronaldo left in July 2018.

Ronal Madrid was the most used name of the club because of Cristiano Arrogontaldo, the former leader of the club. When he signed for Old Lady, the new leader became Garry Bale.

Real Madrith is a combination of Real Madrid and tenth, a reference to the club having 10 titles at the Champions League. This name was dropped after Real won their 11th title in the Champions League 2015/16.

Real Getrid is a reference to the club sacking Rafact Benitesh after a bad season.

Logo Origin Edit

The logo of Bale Madrid shows how many Champions League titles Real has won (13 trophies). In the centre, we can see CL trophy.

Players Edit

No. Position Player Nationality
1 Goalkeeper Areola Les Blose
2 Defender Dani Carvajal Max Spayne
4 Defender Sergio Redos(C) Max Spayne
5 Defender Raphael Varane Les Blose
6 Defender Nacho Max Spayne
7 Forward Mariano Dominican Republic
8 Midfielder Toni Tom Kroos Germazing
9 Forward Mercedes Benzema Les Blose
10 Midfielder Lucroat Modnotrich Crow-atia
11 Forward Gary Bale Bales
12 Defender Marcello(VC) Badzill
14 Midfielder Cassie Badzill
20 Midfielder Marcos Asensio Max Spayne
22 Midfielder (D) ISCO Max Spayne
25 Goalkeeper Tibo Caughtout Brillgium

Former players Edit

No. Player Club Nationality
10 Mesut Eyezil Arsene FC Germazing
5 Zinheadine Zidane retired Les Blose
22 Angel Di Maria Paris Saint-Germoney Handballgentina
9/11 Ronaldo retired Badzill
14 Little Pea Hernandez West Hammers Texmexico
7 Cristiano Arrogantaldo Old Lady Ronaldugal
21 Alvara Moratahahaha AtletiJoao Madrid Max Spayne
5 Peperedecarde FC Piss-Porto Ronaldugal

Managers Edit

Name Period Nationality
Fabiohno Capello (1996-1997)


Unwell Paleandgreeni (2009-2010) Chilly
Jose Moaninho (2010-2013) Ronaldugal
Carlo Eyebrowcelotti (2013-2015) Greataly
Rafact Benitesh (2015-2016) Max Spayne
Zinheadine Zidane (2016-2018, 2019-) Les Blose
Julen Lopetegui (2018- Max Spayne



The shirt Sponsor of Bale Madrid is Fly 'emorrhoids, based on Fly Emirates.

Gallery Edit


Former manager; Rafact Benitesh


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