Badzill é um país em 442oons. É uma paródia da Seleção Brasileira de Futebol.

Name Edit

The country’s first name was Peleswillyizill, a reference to Brazillian football legend Pele, who once had health issues. In 2015, the name was changed to Brawlzil. In 2016, the name was changed again to Badzill, because the team are rubbish.

Badge Edit

Its badge is the Brazilian flag but, it has Notaxmar’s head in it.

Clubs Edit

Players Edit

Player name Pos. Club
Alex Sandro DF Old Lady
Alex Telles DF FC Porthole
Casemiro MF Ronal Madrid
Danny Alfez DF São Paulo
Dante DF OMG Nice
David Louise DF Arsenal Fan TV FC
Douglas CostaFortune FW Old Lady
Fabinho DF Liverinthepastpool
Fernandeanho MF Manchester Sheikhy
Fernandoh MF Galatasaray
Filipe Blueisnotthecolour DF Flamengo
Fred FW Cruzeiro
Gabriel Jesus FW Manchester Sheikhy
Gabriel Paulista DF Vicki Valencia
Gold Oscar MF Shanghai SIPG
Gomess GK WTFord
Kickedinthe Ederson GK Manchester Sheikhy
Lucas (won't play any) Moura FW Tottenham Hotform
Marcello DF Ronal Madrid
Marquindoh DF Paris Saint-Germoney
Neto GK Barcelona
Notaxmar FW Paris Saint-Germoney
Paulinho-san MF Barcelona
Philippe Cuteinho MF Barcelona
Ramires MF Palmeiras
Raphael MF Pique Lyonnais
Raphina DF Olympiacos
Roberto Fairlyaveragemino MF Liverinthepastpool
Stabilo DF Manchester Sheikhy
Thiowngoal Silva DF Chelsea Kids
Will-I-Am MF Arsenal Fan TV FC

Retired footballers Edit

Player name Pos. Year of retirement
Pele FW 1977
Ronaldo FW 2011
Ronalteethio FW 2015

Other characters from Badzil Edit

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