Astonishingly Bad Villa is a club from Engbland that plays in the Premier League.

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Astonishingly Bad Villa reflects the club's terrible season in the Premier League 2015/16. It won just 3 matches in the league and ended in the last place. That was astonishingly because the club never had been relegated before.

Rick Asleyon Villa is a reference to the singer Rick Astley.

Asstim Villa is a reference to the manager Tim Sherwood.

Gaston Villa is a reference to the French manager Remi Garde. Gaston is a common male French name.

JT Villa is a reference to John Terry, a former player of Chelsea FC who moved to Aston Villa in the 2017/18 season.

Badge Edit

All the badges feature the name of the club and a face related to the name. All of them (minus JT Villa's) also have the slogan: "PREPARED (for the drop)", a reference to Villa's bad performances, and how they were close to being relegated.

Players Edit

No. Pos. Player name Nationality
10 MF Jack GrealEnglishIrish Engbland/Roypublic of Ireland
18 MF Josh O-Nomah Engbland
26 DF Schlong Terry Engbland

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Trivia Edit

  • It's one of the clubs with the most names and logo designs. It has 5 parody names in total and 4 different logos.
    • All of their logos feature the face of someone.
      • Ricki Asleyon Villa's is the only logo that has the face of someone not related to the club.
    • The logos (minus JT Villa) have the slogan: "PREPARED (for the drop)".
  • Despite being referred as Astonishingly Bad Villa after Garde's sack, the club kept the Rick Asleyon Villa's logo.
    • In the Premier League 2014/15 intro song, it's hinted that the actual pronunciation of Rick Asleyon Villa is Rick Astleyon Villa. This makes sense, since the singer is indeed name Rick Astley. Rick Asley could have been a typo.
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