"Damn you all!"

Arsey Whinger is the former manager of Arsenal FC. He currently works for FIFARCE and still runs Arsene Fan TV in his London Studio.

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He is a faithful manager because he always believe that his team can win even when they are having a bad season. He usually ignores his haters. He can be very harsh when he gets angry. he managed the best team of all time.

Name origin Edit

His first name is corruption of Arsene.

His second name is a combination of Wenger and whinger (someone who complains a lot).

Rivalries Edit

Jose Moaninho Edit

Wenger Mourinho Old Trafford

Moaninho and Whinger before a rap battle.

Jose Moaninho is Whinger's main rival in 442oons. Jose considers Whinger a "specialist in failure" and never loses a chance to tease him. Their insults go to far to the point of one hitting another.

AlexInter Sanchez Edit

Sanchez laughing Wenger Ospina Conte

Sanchez laughing at Whinger's cardigan.

Alexis declined to sign a new contract and started to not obey Whinger. He even was in protests to make him or Whinger leave the club. Sanchez also chortled every time Arsenal FC lost.

Klaud Edit

Morgan Edit

Piers Morgan Wenger cannon Ronald Koeman

Piers protesting against Whinger in the during a Wacky Race.

Of all of Whinger's haters he hates Jose Moaninho the most.

Morgan was the first one to debut. He used every opportunity to protest against Whinger, even angrily chasing him around.

After Whinger went Bad Blood, he shot Po as well.

Hurri-Kane Edit

Kane Wenger prank call

Wenger making a prank call with Kane.

Kane's rivalry with Whinger is mainly due to the North London Derby. They usually tease each other before the derby and after the match, when one of the teams win.

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  • Whinger debuted in 442oons' first video.
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