Arsenal Fan TV FC is a club from Engbland that plays in the Premier League. It is one of England‘s most successful football teams, and has a glorius past and a bright future.

Name origin Edit

The club’s first name was Arsene’ll Not Spend FC, it’s a pun.

In 2014, it was changed because Arsey Whinger spent a fortune.

In 2015, it was changed to Arsene FC, another reference to Arsey Whinger.

The club's name is a pun on the name of Arsenal Fan TV.

Badge Edit

The club’s debut badge had a red shield with the words Arsene’ll Not Spend FC in white.

In 2014, it was changed, with a cross over the Not because Arsey Whinger spent a fortune.

In 2015, the badge was changed again. It had Arsey Whinger’s face on it. This was used until 2018.

Its current badge features one of Arsenal Fan TV's presenters Robbie Lyle.

Squad Edit

NUM. Pos. Player name Nationality
5 DF Socrates Papastathopoulos Dimidi
6 DF Loreal Koscielny (C) Les Blose
7 MF Henrikh Miki-is-Ryan Armoania
8 MF Welsh Rambo Bales
9 FW Lacazette Les Blose
10 MF Mesut Eyezil Germazing
11 MF Lucas Torreira Urucry
12 MF Stephan Lickensteiner Swatcherland
13 GK Dimwit Oh,spina Collapsebia
14 FW Purre-Emerick Halvameyang Gabon
17 FW Alex EMObi Nigeriatrica
18 DF Nachos Monreal Max Spayne
19 GK Bernd Leno Germazing
20 DF Mustafa Cacki Germazing
21 DF Chambers of Secrets Engbland
23 FW Fresh Prince of Wel-Air Engbland
2 DF Hector Bellerina Max Spayne
34 MF Granit Xhaka Khan Swatcherland
1 GK Petr the Czech Petr the Czech Republic
4 MF Mohamed Eltelneny Egypt

Former players Edit

NUM. Pos. Player name Nationality Destiny club
1 GK Wojciech Toomanyzedzney Po-Land Old Lady
3 DF Cashley Cole Engbland Chelsea FC
3 DF LeSagna Les Blose Manchester Sheikhy FC
3 DF Kieran Gibbs Engbland West Brom Carrier Baggies
4 MF Secs Fabregash Max Spayne Barcelona
4 DF Per Merthetractor Germazing Retired
5 DF Gabriel Paulista Badzill Vicki Valencia
7 FW Dirty Sanchez Chilly Moneychester United
8 MF Samir Nasty Les Blose Manchester Sheikhy
10 MF Jack Wheelchair Engbland West Hammers
11 FW Super Van Ho-Land Moneychester United
12 FW Olivier GQ Les Blose Chelsea FC
13/20 MF Mathieu Flameni Les Blose Inter Mulan/Cwystal Palace
14 FW Thierry Henry Les Blose Barcelona
14 FW Th2-0 Walcott Engbland Everon
15 MF Alex Oxelade Chamberlain Engbland Liverinthepastpool
17 MF I-Likex SongAndDance Camerold Barcelona
19 MF Santa Cazorla Max Spayne The Yellow Submarine
22 DF Gael Cliche Les Blose Manchester Sheikhy
23/31 DF Sol Campbell Engbland Portsmouth/Newcashley Disunited
25 FW Emmanuel Lazybayor Togo Manchester Sheikhy
28 DF Kolohno Toure Ivory Coats Manchester Sheikhy
33/52 FW Lord Bendtner Denmark Wolvesburger
34 MF Francis Cockerelin Les Blose Vicki Valencia

Gallery Edit

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